Friday, August 31, 2007

Yard Sale & Football - What a Weekend!

I am excited about this upcoming weekend. But, not because of the Yard Sale. I really don't like having yard sales. I'm not much on going to them either. I feel so vulnerable with all my stuff out there on display. It's like, "here I am" - do you want me? Maybe that's why I haven't take the plunge and written the book I think I should write. Then, if no one likes it, to me, that is rejection, and unfortunately I take it personally.

Why then am I having a yard sale?

Well, last May, eldest son asked if he could take PIANO lessons (he is learning the sax now - from band at school and went to band camp this past summer). I replied "that would be nice, but there are two problems - 1. We don't have a piano. 2. We have no where to put a piano. Then, after talking to a piano teacher at our church, she suggested a keyboard. An 88 weighted key keyboard. They take up less space, are less expensive, and don't need tuning. So, I told eldest "OK". Keyboards aren't cheap - especially those with 88 weighted keys. It looks like I will be spending at least $600. Thus, the yard sale. I hope to make at least $400 towards the keyboard. Say a prayer for me please! :)

Any yard sale suggestions? Any suggestions on a keyboard brand/type?

I read Death of a Garage Sale Newbie this summer and enjoyed the tidbits of Garage Sale etiquette in that - and I wish I was one of those that like to go and pick around them. But:

1. If my kids don't have something going on early Saturday's - I like to sleep!

2. I have enough junk myself - really don't need to go out and look through other's to get more!


OK, I have to admit it's not the actual football that I love so much, though I don't mind it. It's the tailgating, the food, the friends and family, being outside. My Dad has season tickets, he drives his RV out on Friday night and spends Friday and Saturday night at the stadium. We go on Saturday, hang out, eat, eat, eat, eat, and um eat. Dad's best friend owns to restaurants and usually does the cooking for the games - the food is always sooooo good! And I like being around family. My husband and I are so busy during the week, I enjoy getting to spend time with him and my dad. This week we are taking all 3 kids, so it won't be as relaxing as usual - but still fun!

Well, have a great Labor Day weekend - be sure to check here on Monday for the next Giveaway, the announcement of the winner of Chocolate Beach, and the Monday Movie Review!


Wendy said...

I used to have two yard sales a year, spring and fall. I don't really have any tips but I totally understand how you feel, I hate them too. I usually make the hubs work them after I price everything and set up.

Not a big football fan here so I'm not as excited for the weekend as most. Have fun!

LoveMyStarr said...

It's such a lot of work to get everything out, then back in again for a yard sale. We desparately need to have one of our own though.

I've noticed people usually stop at sales if there's furniture out. So if you're selling anything like that, put it out front.

And always have a "free" table. If someone sees something they want for free, they're more likely to buy something, too.

What a fun weekend!! I hope you guys have a great time!

Alida said...

I had to laugh at your post. Garage sales do make you feel a bit vulnerable, don't they?

I've had quite a few, my advice is;
1. Put it all out there, you won't believe the stuff people buy for $0.50.
2. Haul all the unsold stuff to the Goodwill...pronto, before it starts to look good to you again!

Good luck and thanks, it was a better Thursday!

Irritable Mother said...

Hope the yard sale goes well for you!
I know what you mean about feeling a little odd displaying all your stuff like that. Once someone glanced over the things I had out and walked away. I thought, "What? My stuff isn't good enough for you?" And then it occurred to me, I didn't want it either!

RJ said...

Hello hope you don't mind a newbie to your blog stopping by and commenting.

The first thing I learned about garage sales was no matter what time you set up, it's not early enough. On Saturday (or day one)the "early birds" or so they are called will go through your boxes while your still trying to lay stuff out. It's frustrating, but you might just make more in the first hour or two of your sale (even unpacked) than you do for the entire rest of the day.

It's scary and exhilarating at the same time.

Oh yeah make sure you have change for $20's on down the spectrum.

Good luck - I hope you make double what you want to :)

Maria said...

Ah. Football. We are Washington Husky and Nebraska Cornhusker nutjobs around here. We not only go to all the home games in Nebraska, but we wear our game day red shirts and ball caps. We are insanely in love with our Huskers.

Garage sales are forbidden to Bing. She loves them and constantly brings home things that we don't need or would ever use. (Example: A door that does not fit in our home. What are we supposed to do with it?)

Have a great Labor Day weekend.

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Then, if no one likes it, to me, that is rejection, and unfortunately I take it personally.
Iam exactly the same way I dont like stepping out of my comfort zone because I can end up in a tree being gently coaxed down but most of the time it isnt as bad as I think it will be and Iam pleasantly surprised so I say take a chance;)hugs Darcy