Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Women Of Faith Review

I attended the Women of Faith "Amazing Freedom" Conference and Pre-Conference on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you have never gone to one of these events, I highly suggest you and a girlfriend go next time they are near you. It is such a fun, inspiring time. You laugh, you cry, you learn, you refresh, you worship.
Beth Moore did the Pre-Conference this year, and it was really good. She is such a gifted teacher, I always learn something new that helps me in my walk with Jesus. This time she spoke on 2 Corinthians 1:3-11 - The cult of Comfort. Here are a few notes on the wonderful lesson:

The first description God gives of Himself is the compassionate one. Compassion is the emotion, comfort is the action. God can not feel compassion and not be moved (comfort). Americans today suffer from AGLIOPHOBIA - fear/paranoia of pain/discomfort. We need to drop out of the cult of comfort and be driven by the love of Christ. If not, we will:

1. Live in a rut of relational disasters
2. Sign up for a life of addiction
3. Miss the full measure of our callings
4. Miss the presence of God

When God brings you comfort it is by bringing us Himself. When we are busy trying to comfort ourselves with people/substances, we miss God. Sometimes we never get alone enough to see He's right there with us. We give up on relationships because they no longer can be our comforter. We get bitter at people because they eventually can not provide the comfort our soul seeks.
God comforts us in our troubles, sufferings, dispair, sense of death.
Don't fear pain/discomfort, God uses it to bring us closer to Him.
Be compelled by the love of Christ, not Comfort!
There was more to the message, but that is the summary. It was a timely message for me, as I'm struggling with some issues in regards to my lifestyle and this helped address that.

The other HUGE highlight was hearing Nicole C. Mullen sing! She has a new CD - Sharecropper's Seed - and sang some new and old songs. One new song that brought tears to my eyes is "One Touch". Beautiful! If you ever get the chance to see her perform - do it! She is an awesome singer/dancer, a beautiful soul! At the very least download the song "One Touch"!

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LoveMyStarr said...

Great post!! It is an encouragement. I know a lot of times I'm too afraid to do what God asks because I'm afraid of uncomfort.