Saturday, August 25, 2007

Have you hugged your girl scout today?

My daughter is in her fourth year of girl scouting, she is a junior. This year I am stepping up to be an assistant troop leader. No one else would volunteer, so I did. I think it will be lots of fun and my daughter is excited about me being there. Figured I should appreciate that since eventually she won't want to spend time with me.
So, now I'm off for a WHOLE day of training. Fun!
If you have been a leader, or your daughter is a girl scout, leave me a comment on their favorite thing they've done as a GS, tips for a new leader, warnings, suggestions, etc!
Have a great Saturday!


Maria said...

Ugh. I was a girl scout for exactly one month. I admit that it was all about the uniform. I wanted to wear that uniform to school like all the other girls did...those brown beanies did me in. I loved them.

But, I only went to two meetings before I realized that I wasn't Girl Scout material. Liv has shown no interest in becoming a scout, so I have no advice to give at all.

Except...hey...maybe YOU get to wear a uniform? A brown beanie!!!??

Corinne said...

Just stopping by to say you won my book giveaway! Send me an email to let me know which book you would like. By the way, my daughter is also in her 4th year of scouting - good for you getting involved in leadership. It's a big commitment but I'm sure it reaps huge rewards.

Patriot said...

Hey! Just came across your blog tonight through bloggy giveaways. Anyways, if you know of any American made products that you love let me know! I am trying to compile a list of good quality products still made in America. Come check it out and let others know! Thank you! (Girl Scout Cookies are made in the USA, aren't they?!)

Irritable Mother said...

I realize, too, the day will come when the kids won't think it's *cool* to have me around. Glad you're taking advantage of this opportunity to spend special time with your daughter!
BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun! I was a brownie, but I am not sure I made it past that. What a great way to have mother/daughter time!

Christine said...

I am a long time Girl Scout of 25 years. As a girl it was one of the best experiences of my life and made me and my mom closer (she was my leader.) We id a lot of camping as a troop and eventually as we got older helped teach younger troops how to camp. Older girl troops are a great resource and the younger girls love it.
And yes Girl Scout cookies are made in America. There are two companies that make them, Little Browne Baker in Louisville KY (my hometown)and ABC Baker, not sure where this is located.

Anonymous said...

I'm an asst. girl scout leader. This is my daughter's 4th year (3rd year Brownie) and my 3rd year helping out. It's so much work. I just hope you have a good Leader. Our leader is kind of flakey so I end up doing most of the work myself. I moan and groan about it but I would change anything. As long as my daughter is going to be a GS I will too! I like you relize that all too soon there will come a time when she won't want to hang out with me.