Sunday, March 09, 2008

Movie Review Monday - Horton Hears a Who

Movie Review #13
Horton Hears a Who
Staring: Jim Carey, Steve Carell
Rated: G
Type of Movie: Animation, Kids, Adventure
Theater or Rent: Theater
Description: “One day, Horton the elephant hears a cry from help coming from a speck of dust. Even though he can't see anyone on the speck, he decides to help it. As it turns out, the speck of dust is home to the Whos, who live in their city of Whoville. Horton agrees to help protect the Whos and their home, but this gives him nothing but torment from his neighbors, who refuse to believe that anything could survive on the speck. Still, Horton stands by the motto that, ‘After all, a person is a person, no matter how small."
OK For Kids? Yes
Opinion: Of all the Dr. Seuss adaptations, Horton Hears a Who is by far my favorite. It had my kids and me laughing frequently! The theme seemed to be that a person is a person, no matter how small. (Now, if only left liberal Hollywood really felt that way! A baby is made at conception, not 9 to 12 weeks later!) Horton was a loyal friend, and gave his all to the goal he set - protecting the people living on the speck. There was a bit of potty mouth, but I don't recall it being too much for me. However, I did not care for the several uses of the word 'boob' - it was used referring to how a character was behaving (behaving like a boob). My kids I know, had never heard that word used in that way, so we had to have a discussion making it clear they could not use that word. Unfortunately, daily - at school, my kids hear many words they know they aren't allowed to use (butt, omg, freakin', etc. . . .) - so use of that word would not prohibit me from letting them see it. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie and would suggest it for the whole family.

(4.5 stars out of 5)


Mrs. Annie said...

I stumbled over from the party. Thanks for doing a review of Horton. I've got a 4-yr-old foster daughter who I'd like to take the theatre before she returns to her mom. This might fit the bill. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I think my kids would love this!

Jerri said...

In the past I've been disapointed by movies like Shrek & the Cat in the Hat for putting too much adult humor in, but this sounds good. I think it's great that you teach your kids about what is appropriate to say.

I have a niece who's just turned 13, and her attitude is terrible. I've never heard her use bad language, but I do believe she is disrespectful. (and what's sad is that like other kids nowadays, she doesn't realize she's being disrespectful)

We need more parents out there like you!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad to read this. My oldest, middle, and husband are wanting to see it. I just can't build up the anticipation...maybe because the last 2-3 we've taken the youngest to I don't really get to watch as he is NOt a sit still and watch sort of kid. He didn't even really 'watch' CARS in the theater but let me tell you the DVD he got a year ago Christmas sure does get it's workout ~ daily while he plays along to it with the cars in the floor LOL!! He's got it memorized, don't flog me yes he watched it nearly everyday but this kid doesn't actually 'watch' anything it's more of background noise for him. I might have to cave and go see this this weekend.

girlymom4 said...

My 4 year old daughter went to see this tonight with her grandparents and she loved it and so did they! They said it was the best cartoon movie they have seen in a long time and that it kept her attention the WHOLE time! Wow!

Wendy said...

My husband was just asking me the other day if our big girls (10 and 13) would be interested in seeing this. I had no idea if it was going to be any good or not, so I really appreciate you reviewing this!

Shawna said...

I really want to see this one. I found another really good kid's movie that I like: Nancy Drew. I thought it was really funny.