Thursday, March 01, 2007


I wrote this after a friend told me about his marriage problems, the wife was leaving him. Though, I think you'll be able to tell it comes from a very personal place within myself. I wanted to give it to my friend, but never did. . . . .

Remember and Choose
by Vail

You think you don’t love me anymore.
That’s because you don’t want to.
You’ve taken your heart back.

Think . . . . . .
Feel . . . . .
Remember the moment we first touched, the way you tingled.
Remember looking into each others eyes as we exchanged rings and made promises
Remember when our first child was born, the love we felt for each other and the baby
Think back to those moments that you were sad and I wiped your tears
We had fun times, hanging out, playing, being silly, being together, being friends
Picture me with our children, making a card for you on your birthday, love in our hearts and hands
I’d do anything, give you anything, take you anywhere, all at a moment’s notice.

Are you sure leaving is what you want?
Is what’s out there worth your choice not to love me anymore?
Is it worth the hurt and tears you’ll cause our children when we tell them we won’t be together anymore?
Is it worth the time away from them you’ll spend, not knowing how their day was?
What’s out there is fun right now, but it too will grow old and tiresome.
You’ll miss our family.

Please think about it,
Remember our past and be sure you don’t want a future.
Be sure that whatever is out there is more important than our children’s right to a family.
Then choose.
Choose to not love me
Or choose to give me back your heart.
No matter the issues – that is what it all comes down to.
You have the power to make those choices.
You have the power to change many people’s lives.
Make the choice and know that if you change your mind, you can call me,
But it may be too late.
So, be sure.

I love you.