Thursday, August 09, 2007

Off to Women of Faith Conference

I am leaving today for Atlanta, GA! It is about a 7 hour drive. One of my good friends and her sister are going with me to the Women Of Faith Conference. It should be a very fun girl's getaway! I have been to one other WOF conference a couple of years ago, and it was really good. My favorite is Patsy Clairmont, she is such a hoot! We are attending the pre-conference that Beth Moore is doing, and she is always such a blessing.

I am soooo in need of this getaway, time with friends, and uplifting messages that God has for me. I love the worship music (far different then the traditional hymns we do at our church)! Plus, for the past year and a half, since leaving our prior church, I have not stayed as faithful to my relationship with Christ as I need to be. I haven't been in His word everyday, my daily prayers are shorter, my service to my church/community has slacked off.

Right or wrong, these events (conferences) have a way of kicking me in the behind and getting me in gear again.

I have started making some changes at our house, getting back to doing devotions with the kids, eating dinner together as a family. So, I feel like I'm headed in the right direction. The hard part for me is consistency, sticking to it.

I may update you when I'm away - just depends on how tired I am, how much fun I'm having!

Have you ever been to a WOF or perhaps a Beth Moore Living Proof Live event, or something similar? Leave me a note and tell me about it!

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LoveMyStarr said...

I have never been to a women's conference. I would like to go to a Beth Moore conference though. She's coming to Nashville in Septemeber I think. I'm glad these are always an encouragment to you. It's great that you're getting back on track with devotions, especially with your children.

Have you ever had an accountability partner? Another blogger and I are doing it by email. We list out what we would like to accomplishment for the week (ie. be consistent with devotions) and any struggles we want to work on. Then, we email each other with how things are going. It helps us stay on track.