Thursday, February 28, 2008

A couple pictures . . . .

A couple of you have asked for pictures from my recent vacation. I haven't yet loaded the pictures from my camera onto the computer - but here are a couple of the "posed" photos from the cruise.

1st picture is of HWH and me. 2nd photo is my sis and her hubby along with me and HWH.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!

I am back, and totally rested, relaxed, and tanned! On Valentine's Day I left, along with HWH, my sister and her hubby, my Dad and his girlfriend, on a 10 day Caribbean cruise.
We cruised on the Emerald Princess. The ship was nice - but overall, I enjoyed cruising on Royal Caribbean much more. I have sailed twice on RC and thought the layout of the ships were better, and the food was much better on RC.
Our first stop was Antigua where we took a taxi to the beach and enjoyed the clear blue water.
Then, we stopped by St. Lucia - HWH and I went 4-wheeling on ATVs and had a blast.
Next was Barbados where we found another beautiful beach on which to sunbathe.
In St. Thomas we went out on a sailboat (the type they sail in America's Cup)and learned to sail, then raced 2 other sailboats. After that we shopped, shopped, shopped.
We were unable to make the stop scheduled for St. Kitts (I have been to St. Kitts for a 1 week vacation before, so I was not too upset).
Lastly, we stopped at Princess Cays in the Bahamas and enjoyed the beach and shopping.
I love cruising. I am not a real adventurous type and I don't have the desire to traipse around foreign countries sightseeing. I am more of an introvert - I love to relax by laying out in the warm sun, reading, socializing with my little circle of friends or family. I enjoy the short, planned visits into the countries we stop in, but mostly I just follow my HWH or sister around there.
I read 4 books while I was gone:
The Choice by Nicholas Sparks - LOVED IT! Probably my 2nd favorite Sparks book - behind The Notebook of course!

Truffles by the Sea by Julie Carobini - A great read. Enjoyed it even more than her first book, Chocolate Beach, which was fabulous.

The Other Mother by Gwendolen Gross - Interesting. I had read about this book on several blogs when it was released. I liked the book and could really identify with the feelings of both mothers in the book. I will warn you there are some scenes in the story that were a bit steamy and a few curse words.
7th Heaven by James Patterson - I like his books, quick reads, short chapters, interesting characters. Some curse words and gory scenes. I did feel like this was one of the best in the Women's Murder Club series.

I plan on giving away Truffles by the Sea in March - so check back soon for that Pass It On giveaway! Hopefully I'll post cruise pictures soon too!

Have a great week!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Taking a short break!

This has been a hectic week for me! Two of my three kids have been home with strep throat, getting me way behind in many things. I need to get caught up and relax. So, I will be doing just that. I'll be back 2/25 with a relaxed, happy, and hopefully tan self!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ten Things I Love About You . . . . .

1 more day and it's Valentine's Day! I'm going to use each of the 10 days leading up to the lovey-dovey day to post something I Love about my Hard Working Husband (HWH). After being together 19 years, married 15 1/2 of those - I am more in love with him now than ever before!

10. I love riding in the car with you. Just riding. When we have no where to be and we're just exploring. I still remember the drive down to Myrtle Beach several years ago, with the windows down, music blaring, like we were 18 again. I love just hanging out with you!

Pictured: HWH and youngest in 2003

9. I love how every morning at 6:15 (on weekdays) you roll over and put your arm around me. I look forward to it everyday. In your arms I feel safe, warm, relaxed, and loved. Those few minutes are the key to me having a good day!

Pictured: HWH and me on our last cruise in 2006

8. I love the messages you write in the cards you give to me. They always make me cry, they are so sweet. Better than flowers or candy anyday!
Pictured: HWH and a feathered friend he met in Grand Cayman

7. I love watching you with the kids. You are such a good father. They adore you and covet your attention.

Pictured: HWH with eldest and youngest 11/06

6. I love how you can do anything you set out to do, well. You have a fierce determination. You are unafraid to try new things. It makes me feel so secure and safe to know that whatever needs to be done, you'll be able to do it.

5. I love how smart you are. I guess this goes along with #6 and your great memory. But I am glad I have you to turn to if I need to find out the answer to a question. Especially a religious one.

4. I love how you put up with me. I know I am not always the easiest person to put up with. But you do. Thank you.

3. I love the little things you do for me. You know what they are, and they mean a lot to me.

2. I love your bum! Yeah, you read right - your bum, your hiney, your backside, your bottom! I'm not trying to get dirty here on my blog, but you know I do! It's perfect! It takes all the self control I have (which is very little) not to grab it every time I pass you. I'm so jealous!

1. I love my life with you. 20 years ago, I never thought I could have the life I have now. I never thought I could be this happy, I never thought I'd be as good a Mom and Wife as I think I am, I did not think all this was possible for someone like me. Then you came into my life, and with a little badgering, we dated, fell in love, married, had kids, and here we are. There have been many bumps and twists in our journey, but through it all you have LOVED me. I couldn't ask for anything better than that. I love you honey, always and forever, your babie.

Monday, February 11, 2008

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Monday, February 04, 2008


Smoochiefrog at The Mind of A Thirtysomething Mom gave me an award! Thanks Smoochiefrog - I Love your blog! What an honor that someone thinks my blog is excellent!
I am now to pass the award on to 3 deserving bloggers.

1. Now, I know this may be tacky, but I'm passing it on to . . . . . myself! Well, myself and a few other ladies who blog at Teen Lit Review. It's a great blog that reviews teen and tween books from a Christian perspective. Since I've began reading my son's books, I am more selective and cautious about what I allow him to read, and we talk more about the books he does read. Plus, I've read some really good books!

2. Miss Paula at A Gathering of Friends - she is sort of like my blogging mom! I love her blog, we think alike, and she stops by and visits my blog often. Thanks Miss Paula!

3. Shawna at Scamp's Place - if I had a BBF (best blogging friend) - Shawna would be it! Her blog is beautiful, she is wise beyond her years, and she's the hard work behind Teen Lit Review.

Now, I'm going shopping for my gown to wear down the "red carpet" as I officially accept my award! (Yeah, I know - no "red carpet" - but I need an excuse for a new dress! I'll take any opportunity I get!)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Win a Scholarship to She Speaks 2008

Proverbs 31 Ministries is giving away a Scholarship to She Speaks 2008. This is a conference for speakers, writers and women's ministry leaders.
The part for writers, which I am most interested in, includes bloggers - hey that's me! Ever since I began reading at about 6 years old, I've had a passion for writing. I wrote to get through my parent's divorce when I was 7. I wrote to get through constant moving around from age 8 to 13. I wrote to deal with my adolescent feelings, depression, crying for help in my notebook and a bottle of Boone's Farm. I wrote as a young bride, trying to do the marriage thing right, not like my parents modeled for me. I wrote as I failed at those attempts and struggled through the mistakes I made and sought forgiveness from those I hurt. I wrote as a young mother, not having a clue what I was doing and convinced that everything I was doing was wrong. I wrote as a working mom, struggling with the guilt of leaving my children on a daily basis. I wrote as I learned to turn to God to teach me, love me, and forgive me. I started this blog anonymously (and later "came out"), writing out of hurt and pain from a situation at the church I was attending. The first church I'd ever been a part of. A church that said I (and others who left) never really belonged there anyways.
I am a writer.
I've felt God's gentle hand guiding me in my passion to take it to the next level the past few years (thus, my blogging as a wannabe). But to write a book or attempt getting published in any way is a daunting task. Where do I start? Can I be original? Are my ideas any good? The opportunity to meet Christian publishers and other aspiring writers would be a huge blessing. I would love the encouragement and guidance they could provide both in my writing and my blogging. To meet Blog Stars Boo Mama, Big Mama and Rocks in My Dryer - WOW! I would love for them to help me learn how to make this blog better and to improve another blog I am very passionate about, one I began with several other friends Teen Lit Review.

Thanks for the contest Provers 31! I really wanna be a winner of this scholarship! I wanna take my passion to the next level!

If you're interested in entering, hurry over, the contest ends today!