Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Beach Trip

Just got back from a couple of trips to the beach. We left last Friday and went to Kure Beach with my sister, her kids and my mother. Stayed at a friend's apartment (for free!) and had a fun time. Relaxing? No. Fun? Yes. But, when you have six kids (sister has 3 - ages 1, 5, 7) (and I have 3 - ages 5, 10, 12) - you don't expect relaxing very often!

Sunday evening I left Kure beach with my 3 kids and sister's eldest - and went to Myrtle Beach for a work convention. Fun? Yes. Relaxing? No. Work, kids, not too much time to relax. But the villa we stayed in was bigger then the apartment at Kure Beach - so the kids had their own space I could send them to while I had a few moments to unwind.

Check back on Friday to hear about the most terrifing 25 minutes of my life. It was awful!

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LoveMyStarr said...

We went to the beach with my family. We only have an almost 2-year old, and that was stressful enough. I can't imagine having 6 to run after.