Thursday, July 26, 2007

Did You Win Anything?

OK, so I entered like 300 drawings through Shannon's Dog Days of Summer Giveaway Links! What fun! I didn't get any work done at home or work, but I entered for lots of free stuff! I so hope I win something! At least one thing! How pathetic it would be for me to enter all those drawings and not win one thing!!!! I especially want a purse or jewelry or books, but really, I only entered ones where I wanted/could use the prize.

Let me know if you won something and if so, what! If you didn't win, still comment - you'll need to whine to someone!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tons and Tons of Giveaways

You've never seen so much free stuff! You HAVE GOT to visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer. She is hosting the Dog Days of Summer Giveaway. She has links to OVER 460 websites that are having drawings for FREE STUFF! Yes, it will take you days and days to sort through it all, but sadly you only have till the end of the week, so hop to it! Have fun!

I am combining this giveaway with my PASS IT ON giveaway for the week - I will be giving away the following two books (they have been read by me, but are in good condition) in two drawings, good luck! Drawing will be August 2nd at 9am (I am going out of town until then!) See the post below to enter for a previous drawing that is still open - for Death of a Garage Sale Newbie!

To enter, go to the bottom of the comments section and click on "POST A COMMENT"

Drawing for:

1. Snitch by Rene Gutteridge - I enjoyed this book, but not as much as Rene's Boo series, which I checked out at the library. It was a fun read, here is the description:

Convinced he has a greater chance to die–of boredom–at his desk job than he ever faced in narcotics, Las Vegas police sergeant Ron Yeager agrees to slip off the retirement track long enough to head up an undercover task force designed to combat the recent surge in auto thefts.

Then he meets his inexperienced team of officers, most of whom seem completely incapable of infiltrating the seamy underbelly of Sin City. In particular, Mackenzie “Mack” Hazard’s determination to wear her faith like a badge threatens to send Yeager’s blood pressure skyrocketing. And then there’s maverick Jesse Lunden, who thinks he’s learned all he needs to know in his three years of undercover work.

As Yeager gambles his reputation on transforming this group of egos and eccentrics into a force to be reckoned with, he stumbles onto a much bigger scheme than anyone expected. This could be the showstopper of their careers–if his back doesn’t give out first.

This second book in the Occupational Hazards series blends wacky characters, sincere faith, and surprising plot twists into one hilariously addictive read.

2. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See - I read this book with my book club. It was different from what I usually choose for myself, but I really enjoyed it. It was an emotional book and taught me a lot about ancient Chinese culture. Amazon describe it this way:
Lily at 80 reflects on her life, beginning with her daughter days in 19th-century rural China. Foot-binding was practiced by all but the poorest families, and the graphic descriptions of it are not for the fainthearted. Yet women had nu shu, their own secret language. At the instigation of a matchmaker, Lily and Snow Flower, a girl from a larger town and supposedly from a well-connected, wealthy family, become laotong, bound together for life. Even after Lily learns that Snow Flower is not from a better family, even when Lily marries above her and Snow Flower beneath her, they remain close, exchanging nu shu written on a fan. When war comes, Lily is separated from her husband and children. She survives the winter helped by Snow Flower's husband, a lowly butcher, until she is reunited with her family. As the years pass, the women's relationship changes; Lily grows more powerful in her community, bitter, and harder, until at last she breaks her bond with Snow Flower. They are not reunited until Lily tries to make the dying Snow Flower's last days comfortable. Their friendship, and this tale, illustrates the most profound of human emotions: love and hate, self-absorption and devotion, pride and humility, to name just a few. Even though the women's culture and upbringing may be vastly different from readers' own, the life lessons are much the same, and they will be remembered long after the details of this fascinating story are forgotten

Good Luck, and don't be a stranger! I hope you'll come back often and read my thoughts and enter my giveaways!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Movies Anyone?

Over at Lille Punkin' Reviews there is a contest sponsored by Cute Kid, for movie tickets! Check out her website to win!

What is the last movie you saw? In a theater - well I'm not going to tell you. I let my friend pick it and it was just horrible - ok, you drug it out of me - Waitress. Please, don't waste your time. The last one I saw on DVD was Mrs. Potter and I enjoyed it very much. A friend has asked me to go with her this weekend to see Hairspray - not sure it's something I'll like, but I will humor her and go. I'm looking forward to going to see No Reservations - it looks like a fun Chick-Flic!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A great giveaway!

Over at Overwhelmed With Joy there is a Pay It Forward Book Giveaway very similar to my "Pass It On" giveaway. Check it out!

Also, over at Lorie's Stitch In Time Blog she is "Passing On" "Uncharted" by Angela Hunt - enter soon!

I LOVE free books! I enter to win as many as I can find, and I tell you, 4 of the last 10 books I've read were given to me from contests on the internet! It has opened me up to read authors I would not have ever read on my own. In most cases I have searched out more of their books either at the library or book store to read.

Enjoy your reading this summer! Right now - I'm reading for my Book Club (they pick heavier - non-fluff, non-chicklit - serious books) Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" have you read it? Your thoughts?

Book Winner

The winner of the drawing for my "PASS IT ON" copy of Potluck Club - Trouble's Brewing - is Accidental Poet. Check out her blog, it's on my "must visit" list!

Book Giveaway

I just finished "Death of a Garage Sale Newbie" by Sharon Dunn. This is the first book I read by Sharon Dunn and I really enjoyed it. The characters were fun and the pace of the book was perfect. I didn't want to put it down, just wanted to keep reading to find out the who-done-it! Check it out and if you're interested in getting my "PASS IT ON" copy - leave a comment below and I will give it away August 3rd. Here's the catch - I will only give it away if I get comments from 10 different people. So, send your friends to this blog to win!

Too Much Paper?

Do you have too much paper junking up your space? Kid's artwork, report cards, recipes, receipts, the list goes on and on! If so - here is a great product to consider! Neatrecipes - Scanalizer
You can also go to 5 Minutes for Mom blog to enter to win. Hurry! Today is the last day!
Ohhhhh, I hope I win! It could save my marriage! (HWH can not stand my piles of paper in the kitchen!)