Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gift of the Lord

"Behold, children are a gift of the LORD" Psalm 127:3

Sometimes it is hard for me to remember this.
I have 3 gifts - eldest boy - age 12, only girl - age 10, and youngest boy - age 5.
When they are constantly at each other for days at a time - arguing, complaining, whining, crying, showing me boo-boo after boo-boo, telling me constantly about aches and pains - I just wanna yell "CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY"!
But, I am so very blessed.
Many are unable to have children - I can simply think about getting pregnant and it seems to happen.
I have known several children who have passed away the past few years - one I knew fairly well, the others just through friends and such. Still, it is very difficult when that happens. I put myself in the parent's place and imagine their pain, terror, sadness. Though I know what I can imagine is only an ounce of what it is really like.
Friday a 6 year old boy at my sister's church went to bed, fine and healthy as far as the parents knew. He never woke up. He was a sweet little boy, full of love and fun, he loved Christ and had already asked Jesus to be his Savior.
I am praying for his family. And I am reminded to honor and cherish my children as the gift from God that they are. I looked at my youngest two as I dropped them off at school today. Told them I loved them, gave them an extra hug, and prayed for their safety.
I am so grateful for them. They really are the joy in my life. Yes, they drive me crazy. But they are soooo sweet, soooo cute, and the most wonderful gift I could have ever asked for.

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Momma said...

Oh my heart is broken over the loss of that child. I don't understand. I am with you. We need to take the time to appreciate the precious gifts we have. I am going to squeeze mine extra today!