Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bush Gardens Trip!

My sister and I, along with our Mom, are taking our kids (my 3, her 2 older) to Bush Gardens on Saturday. We are driving up to Williamsburg tonight, staying (for free with Dad's points) in an Embassy Suites, then hitting the park tomorrow when it open at 10am. Surprising as it is, it looks like the 7 and 10 yr old can ride some of the bigger roller coasters, they are going to be so excited about that! They won't be able to ride the largest ones, so that will be just 12 yr old, sister and me. I am soooo excited, I love roller coasters! I'm just praying the kids are all good and get along! (Also praying I find the DVD cord that goes to the lighter so they can watch movies on the way there!)


RJ said...

I went to Bush Gardens when I was kid, about three years of age. My sister was there too, she was 10. Why do I remember, because we have photo's! I have no actual memory of it. :) That Bush Gardens is no longer aroud :(

How was your day? Was it as fun as you hoped? Making memories with our kids is the most important part of Summer... WTG

Anonymous said...

I went to that Busch Gardens as a child. I actually lost my glasses on one of the rides, so all I remember is walking around not being able to see! I had been asking for contacts, so my parents wondered if I had done it on purpose, but I hadn't! What middle schooler would want to walk around holding people's hands because she couldn't see??? I definitely didn't do it on purpose! :)

Have a wonderful trip!

LoveMyStarr said...

What a fun trip. I've never been there. We used to have a small theme park about 30 minutes from us, but they shut it down and turned it into a mega mall. I'm still disappointed.

Janelle & Ella said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
I would love to hear how your trip to Bush Gardens is. I've always wanted to go there. Hope y'all had fun!

Becky K. said...

Oh my goodness Lauren...I lost my glasses on the first ride of the day at Cedar Point one year. It made for a terrible day!

We are headed to Williamsburg soon for homeschoolers week (Well, three days of the week). Then our Co-op starts on Thursday, so these homeschoolers must be back in PA.