Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why I Hope Obama is Not Successful . . .

I AM glad our country has elected it's first African American president.
However, for me - it has never been about color. It's about principles, values, and integrity.
I value human life, even that still inside a mother. I don't view that baby as a choice. I view the baby as person with the right to LIFE. Obama does not share this view.
I value the free market and capitalism. Obama wants to expand the government.
I believe in protecting our borders. Protecting our borders keeps people out who have not gone through the proper channels/laws to live here - as well as keeps illegal drugs out. Obama has no plans that I have heard to tighten our borders.
I believe in strong national defense. Our ancestors fought hard for this country - they took chances and believed in this country. We fought against those who wanted to rule over us. Obama is looking to close Gitmo - let terrorists go.
I do not want socialized health care -- provided to me by the government.
The government controls education - they tell me what schools my kids MUST attend, even if there are three schools closer to me. They tell me what they are going to teach, even if I don't agree with it. Yes, I have the choice to send them elsewhere - but that is not an option for me. Perhaps it would be with vouchers . . .

Here is an excellent article that puts my feelings into words!
from the article: "Of course I will support Obama on things in which we agree with him on and I don't think anyone should oppose him gratuitously for purely partisan reasons. Indeed, I would rejoice if Obama were to morph into a free-market enthusiast, national security stalwart, champion of the unborn and protector of our borders.
But such talk is academic, as the chances of Obama being substantively Reaganesque are less than his becoming obese, which means that during the next few years, the articulation of principled conservatism could never be more important. They must resist pressures for bipartisanship from those who will continue to use it as a weapon to intimidate principled opposition."

The CHANGE that is coming worries me. But, I will keep the faith, pray, and HOPE for America to prosper.


Misty said...

Ultimately, though, our hope isn't in a man. And regardless of the party Bush belonged to or the values he spoke of, he wasn't perfect either.
Men lead our nation, and of all of the fields chalk full of corruption- politics leads the rank.
I have to take peace and place my hope in Christ. Because, honestly, if we do it any other way we are doomed.
Anyone in office, goes into with huge plans and ideas... BUT, these men need to have a lot of other's backing his plan to act. And our God is a big God.

Angi said...

Misty - so true! God is in control - His ways are not ours. I don't know/understand His plan - but I trust God, you're right - He is a BIG God!
I agree, no man - is perfect. And politics is a tough profession for even the best of them. It is full of compromise and corruption.

Wendy said...

Good post, Angi. I, too, agree that God is in control. I personally believe that it's God that ultimately puts who He wants in positions of power for His own reasons, but that's another subject. As far as our new President goes, I'll paraphrase my favorite commentator...I'll support him when I can, and I'll stand up and speak out when I must.

Melissa Markham said...

A well written post. I agree with what the others said. We have an awesome God who is in control of all things. And one man alone in our country has a hard time making big changes - look at how hard it was for Bush to get anything done. Obama does have the swell of public and political opinion behind him which will help, but does not ensure that he will be able to make some of the drastic changes he says he wants.

amy said...

Im too afraid to post this on my blog. I agree with the others, my hope is in Christ not in one man and his cabinet. There is a reason Obama is our President and I know that God can do great things through him..

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

"and the government is on his shoulders.." - I have to keep telling myself that.

I, also, hope Obama is not successful in those particulars regarding his policy. I think he could be a great president if he does not do THOSE things. THOSE things are the exact reason I did not vote for him.


Elijah's Mommy said...

I agree.