Friday, January 16, 2009

Kids Exchange

This weekend I'll be preparing my sister and my kids clothes for the Kids Exchange consignment sale. Kids Exchange is a HUGE sale - where hundreds of people take their used clothes/toys/baby equipment to a HUGE building down near our Fairgrounds. The clothes are all hung on hangers, priced and organized by sex/size for sale during a four day period. I don't really shop there too much anymore - I got most of my baby - size 4 clothes there. But when you get to buying size 8 and up - people seem to just think too much of their used clothes and price them too high. And when I can get a new set of pants at Target or Kohl's for $6 I'm not going to pay $4 for a used pair. That's just me. Anywho - my sister and I combine the clothes that I've given her (her's are all younger than mine) and her kids have outgrown - and we sell them at this consignment event. Last July we made about $500 (we had a LOT of clothes!) The Kids Exchange keeps 1/3 of the selling price.
So, if you have a Kids Exchange event near you - I urge you to participate - another way to make a little extra spending (or as in my case - bill paying) money! Just google Kids Exchange and your city name (or a close by big city). Have fun!

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