Thursday, January 08, 2009

Finally Free!

Over the summer the kids and I participated in this swap. Well, I say participated, but we never did get our half of the swap out to our partner. We took the pictures and such, but I never got to the "scraping" of our summer and the sending it off. My failure to live up to my end of the bargin has weighed on my heart every day. I am the type of person that if I say I'm going to do something, I fully intend and expect myself to do it. So, finally, way too late - I got my act together and printed out the pictures, arranged them and sent them off to our swap partner! I feel SO much better now that I have done that - it is a huge weight off my heart!

Alas, I did not take picutes of what I sent off - but Misty has blogged beautifully about it - please go here to see the arrival of Tessa the tiger at her new house!

Misty sent us Brennan - you can go here to meet him. He and Tessa are now best friends and my daughter loves him dearly!

If you ever have the opportunity to participate in swaps such as this - I urge you to. My kids really, really love doing them!

Here are Brennan and Tessa together right before we sent Tessa off to her new home.

Ya know, I just thought about how nice it was that Misty didn't comment on the silly clothes my daughter INSISTED they both wear!

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Misty said...

a grown woman such as myself, who really isn't a fan of stuffed animals, shouldn't feel so darned affectionate seeing photos of them... your timing really was perfect.