Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Survivor - Tocantins - Premiers Feb. 12!

OK, so I really enjoy the show Survivor! HWH would be awesome on that show - but he won't even entertain the notion - he does not like reality shows at all.
My FAVORITE thing about Survivor is not really the actual show - it's playing along on Lance's Survivor Pick'em Game! There, I get assigned to a random tribe and each week, we make our picks, participate in "challenges" and go to tribal council - all for the chance to "win" one million dollars (not real money). I have "won" the million one time - and it's so much fun to play and outwit, outplay, outlast!
This year, there is a girl on the show from the city I live in - so it should be fun rooting for her!


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I love survivor! I've been a fan since the very first one. It's one of the few shows that both my husband and I enjoy watching together.

heidi said...

I LOVE Survivor!! Can't wait for the new season.