Thursday, November 08, 2007


Heard about this website the other day while listening to Rush.
True Mom Confessions - Motherhood is Hard, Admit it. - this is a website where women go to "confess" things. From silly things - such as:
"When the phone rings, I sing.."the phone...the phone is riiinggging. The phone... I'll be right therrrreee."
To more intimate thoughts that are obscene with bad language.

Personally, I do my confessing in private prayer.

Sometimes it comes out as complaining - and my sister has to listen to it. Not sure what I think of a whole website (actually there are about 5 or so, one for dads, military families, office confessions, etc.) dedicated to confessions.
Would you ever use the confessional website?


Anonymous said...

Why would I!! I have a relationship with Christ and I can talk directly to him. I don't need other people hearing what is between myself and my God.

These people need the Lord not a website!! Sad state!

Alida said...
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Alida said...

Sorry, too many typos to ignore in my comment. Let's try that again.

Catholics have the sacrament of reconciliation. As a young adult I railed against going to confession. Now that I am older and wiser, I see how beneficial confessing to an imperfect human being who understands, can be.
I agree with Miss Paula. I also think that ultimately what these people are doing is reaching out, ranting anonymously and if it saves a child from abuse or a marriage from divorce...well there is no harm in that either.

LoveMyStarr said...

I've been to one confession site for women, not necassarily moms, and I had to stop reading because I was in tears. Some of those women were in such despair and others left messages that were full of hate. I know none of us are perfect, and I wish all those who left confessions would truly find hope and forgivenss through God. I am so glad that I do have hope through Jesus in all situations

I have nothing against confessing on a site like that. I know it helps to get things out. I, too, confess my sins to God. Then, I may share the things I've done and been forgiven for to help others. So, I probably would never leave a confession.