Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Deceptively Delicious or Sneaky Chef?

OK, the idea of adding spinach to brownies and avocado to chocolate pudding sounds great - as long as the kids eat it!

Seriously, what parent wouldn't love ideas on how to make their cooking more healthy - and squeeze in a few more nutritious ingredients into food we will be making anyway?!
Apparently a couple months ago there was a controversy that one of these authors was getting more publicity than the other, that one may have "stolen" some recipes, etc. I think overall, the controversy helped both ladies sell more books.
So, do you have either of these books? Do you like it? Do your kids eat the food? Favorite recipe in the book?
I'm thinking about asking for one of them for Christmas - your opinion will help . . . .


Becca said...

I checked out Deceptively Delicious from the library. My picky eater, who is in full blown pickies right now, ate the food. I tried 3 dishes in 12 hours. No arguments or fussy. In fact I got "This is yummy, Momma!" I almost fainted. I went with Deceptively Delicious because I liked her brownie recipe better. [And yes that was one I tried and the kids loved.] I promptly bought this cookbook and have used her ideas on my own recipes. [I threw chili with beans into the food processor yo make sauce for past for my picky one. She loved it and ate it all.]

Tina said...

I read a review from another blogger who's family hated the recipes. I guess it depends on your brood.

Shawna said...

I got the first one for my birthday but haven't tried any recipes. The seem failry easy though!