Friday, November 30, 2007

Anonymous No More . . . . . . .

As I have told ya'll in an earlier blog post, a few other ladies and I are about to start a blog where we post reviews on pre-teen and teen books. We decided to this after receiving the email circulating about the Golden Compass movie based on the books by Phillip Pullman. Pullman has left little doubt about his book's intended meanings when he said in a 2003 interview that "my books are about killing God" and in a 2001 interview he was "trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief".

Now, I don't require that the books my children be "Christian", but I do require that they are not anti-Christian. I also don't want them to have bad language, sexual situations, drug use, etc.

But, how do I know what's in those books. There are no book review sites that give the kind of information I want to know. For movies there are many: Christian Spotlight on Entertainment and Plugged In Online to name a couple. Movies have ratings, books don't.

My son had actually read the Golden Compass book, and was just starting the third in the series. After finding out about how the books get progressively more anti-Christian, we returned the third book to the library - unread.

So, this new website will be an effort to try to inform parents about what books their children are reading. Reality is, I just can't pre-read every book my son wants to read. But, if several people help out, we'll have a great start on a place to look for suggested readings, or warnings of those to avoid.

I SAY ALL THAT TO SAY - I AM NOT GOING TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS ON THIS BLOG! On Monday I will begin using my real name and introduce myself all over again. The reason? I have friends I want to tell about this new review blog. I am too scatterbrained to be able to keep two "personalities" going on the Internet - I would eventually slip up.

So, come back Monday - and we can all properly introduce ourselves! I'm so excited!


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