Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stirring It Up . . . . .

OK, I just don't get how people can "hate" President Bush so much. I read this one blog of a lady who is quite funny, but every once in a while she'll post on how much she hates the president. She has said some pretty nasty things about him.

I honestly believe the President knows more than I (or probably most of America) do about foreign affairs, what is going on where, why it's going on, and what the best way to handle it is.
I honestly believe the President has access to confidential information that I (and probably most of America) know nothing about, but it influences his decisions.
I honestly believe the President would not be letting Americans die in Iraq if there was another way to stabilize the region and protect our country.
I honestly believe we are giving millions (maybe billions) of dollars to other third world countries, trying to help the people that live there. (I also believe it doesn't do much good because in most of those countries the government and/or groups running the countries are so corrupt, the money never gets to those who need it.)
I honestly believe that it is NOT President Bush's fault that people in other countries (like Africa, etc) are getting raped, killed, HIV, sold into slavery, etc. (These things were happening before he was in office and will happen even if Hillary gets elected - American can Not stop those things.)
And I JUST DO. NOT. GET. how people can blame him for those things above.
I know he's not perfect, I know he's made mistakes. But I think he's acting in the best interest of our country. I don't pretend to be an "expert" ot that I have/know all the information and intelligence he does, thinking I would know how to do it any better than he has.
I love our troops. I hate that they are dying. When I first got married my husband was in the military. It would have devestated me if he'd have gone to the first Iraq war. But it was always a possibility, and he knew when he signed up that the military are the ones who fight the wars. My cousin was in Army special forces, he may have been in the first Iraq war (he couldn't say were he ever was). I hope this ends soon. But I don't believe we can just pull out of that region and expect our life here in America to stay the way it is now.
Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I know there are many that disagree - and that's OK, but those are my views . . . . . .


Tina said...

I totally agree girl!

And coming from a spouse of a military member who once worked in White House intelligence, they know WAY more than we're allowed to know!

Ruby said...

Even if I agree with every line item in your post, Bush is still a terrible president. Maybe it's not on purpose, but just about every decision he's made is wrong.
And although the U.S. gives large numbers of dollars in foreign aid, we are just about dead last in giving as a percentage of Gross National Product.
It just makes me sad that so many people, soldiers and civilians, are dying.

Anonymous said...

I agree,President Bush has no idea what he is doing.He needs to try living on $6.00 an hour.See if he could make it.He has NEVER had to do without.HE HAS NO CLUE.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I agree with your sentiments about Bush. We think we need (and do) know everything about the war, intelligence, etc. and we just simply...DON'T. I'm sick to death of all these people who think the US should give endlessly and more for every cause that comes along in the world. No matter what the US does, it's never right or it's never enough. I am sure he can't wait to get out of office. He's had more to handle than any President in the last 30 years, and only the 2nd sitting President to be in office when were were attacked on US soil. The other led us to WWII which went 4+ years and lead to over 1 million US casualties.