Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gone till Wednesday!

HWH and I are going out of town to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. We are staying at Mariner's Landing Resort. Work starts Sunday afternoon, but we are going up a day early to have some time together. I encouraged my HWH to plan some special, romantic time for us - we've been very busy lately and haven't seen too much of each other. Plus, my birthday is at the end of the month, so it can count as a birthday gift too! I know it may sound odd that I have to suggest/urge/nag/give suggestions/specifics/phone numbers of possible romantic "surprises" things for him to plan. He just doesn't come by surprise or romantic naturally. And after 15 years I've learned to be OK with that. That he actually does the calling/actual planning is enough for me. That and the time I get to spend with him.
Though, I will miss my kids - I have missed my HWH and am happy to be with him without distractions for a day or so.
So, I'll be back posting on Wednesday.
I sure wish I could set a date for posts to appear on the blog and it just happen automatically!
Hope you have a good weekend!


Preppy Napkin said...

You will love the lake. I only live about 30 min. from there. The weather is supposed to be perfect this weekend!

Tina said...

Have a great time! We'll see ya when you get back!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I hope that you had a great time! I totally get the missing the kids but having a ball kind of feelings.

Daniel just doesn't think in the romantic getaway/surprise kind of way either and I have also learned I need to be specific. He makes up for that "lack" in so many other wonderful ways!