Thursday, October 11, 2007

Honored . . . . .

I am very honored to find out that Shawna at Scamp's Place has given me the "Totally Fabulous" award!

Shawna has a way of being there and encouraging me at just the right time! Thank YOU!

Lately I have been wondering about the time I spend on doing this blog. Is it wasted time? I talked to my HWH about it and he told me that if it's something I enjoy to keep up with it. I look at this like my diary, I always kept one while in school. Nobody I "know" reads it (not even HWH). I know it's not as witty, insightful, or interesting as many things out there - but I do enjoy sharing and writing about my life. That others choose to read it once, and some even every week is mind blowing and touching. Thank you!

I want to pass this award on. Shawna passed it on to many of the regulars on my blog reading list, so if I don't name you, it's probably because she did already (Lauren, Momma, and Stacey)!

The following ladies all have really fabulous and interesting blogs that I enjoy reading every week. Thanks for sharing your time and life with me!

My daughter at Noel's Diary - She only gets to use the computer on the weekends, but she is the one who asked me about making a webpage. I love you honey!
Andrea at The Laughs Will Go On - she and I are very different but I love reading about the way she approaches parenting!

Alexis at Ramblings From Life - she is having exciting things happen in her life right now, plus she lives nearby!

Trista at The Pumpkin Patch - Her posts make me laugh and she is the one who got me started on Meal Planning. Great blog!

Miss Paula at Gathering of Friends - She just updated the look of her blog and it looks fabulous!

Jill at Who Could Ask For Anything More - A beautiful blog with very creative posts!

I could go on and on - but I have to save some in case I ever get another award (yeah, it's going to my head already!)

Thanks gals - I enjoy you all!


Vader's Mom said...

Jill's is the only blog you listed that I've read before...looks like I have a few sites to go check out now. :) And I agree...You are Fab!

LoveMyStarr said...

How neat your daughter started a blog. I went right over. Congrats to all the ladies you chose! I've been to couple before.

Anonymous said...

You are back and have great book reviews and I see I am listed as a Totally Fabulous friend!! As you said in your comment at Scamps Place, this couldn't have come at a better time! If anything it encourages my heart! Thanks so much Vail you are too sweet!!

Where do these Awards originate from?

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Thank you so very much. It means a lot to me. I will be anxious to visit your daughter's blog.

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations on such a wonderful award.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a lovely Sunday!