Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Looking Forward To This . . . .

Robin Hood - Season 2 premiers Saturday, October 6th - 9pm

If you didn't watch this last season, you missed a fun show. All last season's episodes are still online to view.

These are my favorite shows:
Monday - Prison Break and 24 (during the summer - The Closer)
Tuesday - American Idol
Wednesday - Lost, Private Practice, America's Next Top Model
Thursday - Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, ER
Friday - looking forward to the new show - Women's Murder Club based on the James Patterson books
Saturday - usually watch something I've taped or a movie
Sunday - Brothers and Sisters

So, what are you watching this year? Any shows you absolutely don't like.

Tell you what shows I wish I liked, but just do NOT get - the Office and Scrubs. I tried watching them, but they just don't mesh with my sense of humor or something, cause I just don't get them, they are not funny at all to me.
Show I miss the most - Everybody Loves Raymond. That was one show my HWH (who generally only watches sports) and I would watch together, we would be ROFL during that show. Loved it! Still watch re-runs!


Miss Paula said...


That's it!!

Momma said...

I like: House, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars

I don't really watch anything else. I am usually reading, doing puzzles, or playing with the kids.

kailani said...

There's a Women's Murder Club series coming to TV? I've read all of Patterson's books and I love those the best. Does it start this week?

Andrea said...

Oh yeah, my hubby is all excited about Smallville and Heroes...but not me. :) I'm actually not much a tv fan, but I'll admit it...i like American Idol! haha :)

Also, I'm not sure if you got my other comment, but I believe you put my name down as the winner of two books in your fall freebies giveaway (correct me if I'm wrong :) ), do you need my address and stuff?

De'Etta said...

We aren't watching...but I did just put season one of Robin Hood in our netflix que. LOL