Friday, October 05, 2007

Need Guidance Picking a Canidate?

I don't yet know who I'll be rooting for in the upcoming Presidential Primaries. I know better who I WON'T be rooting for.
Visit here for a neat little survey that shows which canidate has views most similar to yours.
My results?
Tie between Fred Thompson and Duncan Thompson.
Still, it wasn't 100% agreement. Point of disagreement - the Energy Question. Do I support the Federal Government getting involved in making/subsidising alternate fuel? No, I don't. There are lots of farmers out there that could turn their farms around by farming products that can be used for alternate fuels. Why does the government need to get involved? Let capitalism work.
I did the survey again filling in the exact opposite answers to what my opinion are - and came up with Dennis Kusinich. I was surprised to see Romney 6th on my list, Huckabee 8th, and not so surprised to see Giuliani 10th.

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Miss Paula said...

Duncan was at the top for me!