Friday, August 04, 2006

Surprise For HWH

My Hardworking Husband (HWH) is going on his annual motorcycle trip this Tuesday. He and a few other guys each year go for about a week to a different part of the country and just ride and view the scenery. I stay home with the 3 kids. I get my girl's vacation time in smaller bits throughout the year.
I have decided this year to redo our bedroom while HWH is gone. When I first starting planning this I was excited. Keep in mind, he is usually the one that does all our painting/decorating, etc. He is the artistic one, I have NEVER painted a room, my eye for color/decoration is not the best. I am having my sister help me with the painting, she helped me pick out a sofa for the "sitting area" of the bedroom.
Please pray that:
1 - I get it all done in the 8 days he is gone
2 - That it turns out looking good
3 - That he likes it
4 - That he is not mad that I did this without consulting him
When I started planning, I honestly never considered he could get mad - but the idea has popped up. It's just he's been working so hard on relandscaping the yard this summer, and we are working on pretty much redoing every room in our house - I just wanted to surprise him with this. I think he'll like it. It may not be what he would of done, but I think he'll appreciate my effort and be relieved that there's one less room for him to do.
I just wanna be as good a wife to him as he is a husband to me. I have a long way to go!

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