Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I was reading a blog today that posed the question - "why do you lose your spontaneity when you get married"? It's my experience it's not the getting married part - it's the having kids situation that puts an end to spontaneity. I have three kids, and no spontaneity (unless you consider a last minute announcement that we're going to the pool Saturday morning, or we're having those cinnamon rolls out of the can for breakfast instead of fronzen pancakes, or I - surprise! pull into the movie theater parking lot for a special movie night.) Was it a fair or worthy trade? YES, YES, YES! Their spontaneous kisses, hugs, laughs, one-liners - all make up for the loss of freedom, spontaneity, sleep, etc.
I wanna be fun and interesting and spontaneous, even if sometimes my kids are the only ones who think I am!

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