Friday, April 10, 2009


A reader recently asked me what do I "wannabe"? I've been thinking about it.
I'm really happy with me at this point in my life. Yeah, I wannabe about 25 pounds lighter. Yeah, I wannabe more likable, more charasmatic, more outgoing. But, I am what I am. I'm working on the 25 pounds, but who knows . . . . I know I want to be all that God has planned for me. I pray that I don't let my busyness or laziness get in the way of being that. I actually pretty much know that I'm not living up to my potential in many areas, and I have excuses like time, energy, prioities, etc. So I guess my real "wanna be" is that I want to be surrendered to God's will for me. That is actually a minute by minute decision for me. In the way that I speak to someone, in what I am choosing to do at that time, at the words I say, the thoughts I think, the smiles I give and the tears I shed. I don't surrender 100% of the time. Probably not even 50% of the time. But I'm working on it, and learning, and through it all I have faith, that God will get me through - through to the places where he wants me to be.

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