Thursday, November 06, 2008

Harris Teeter Triple Coupons!

Today through Saturday is Triple Coupons at Harris Teeter. Triple Coupons are essential events for couponers! That is when you stock up/build your stock pile. Here is a good article about the importance of Triple Coupons.
I have only been couponing for about 5 weeks - already I have saved over $250!
On my first trip to Harris Teeter today (you can only use 20 coupons per visit) I bought $58 worth of groceries for $24! A 50% savings! All the stuff are items I need (paper towels, toliet paper, kleenex, pickles, Shout, bread, spagetti sauce, peanut butter, evaporated milk, brownies, gravy mix, frozen green beans.) I'll be going at least 1 more time today, one time tomorrow, and probably 2 times Saturday!
Earlier this week, I made $2.00 buying 2 tubes of toothpaste at CVS!
If you have any coupon hints, please share them!
History: I recently took a class that costs $15 from a lady at church who taught me how to coupon. In my first month of couponing I more than paid for that class, the notebook I keep my coupons in, and the 2 Sunday newspapers I get every weekend. I never used to coupon before. I had all sorts of excuses - mainly that couponing took too much time and I am not a very organized person. Well, it does take about 1 - 2 hours a week, which I do while I'm watching TV (clip and file coupons, look on internet coupon websites for that week's deals). Are my 1 - 2 hours a week worth approx. $60 a week? YOU BETCHA!

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