Sunday, April 06, 2008

Our Little Getaway . . . . .

After getting home from Great Wolf Lodge, I was tired. HWH could not go with us - so it was just the kids and me. While the two oldest would go off and play on the water slides, I would play with the 6yr. old who wanted to play in the wave pool, the lazy river, kiddie pool land, and the small slides. We drove 4 hours there - played about 5 hours, had dinner, showers and bed.
Our luck, we were on a hall with about 2 bus loads of people who knew each other. Apparently they thought it was a good idea to meet in the hallway and talk and laugh and run and pound and . . . .
About 10pm I complained to the front desk and it got better, for about 10 minutes. I finally fell asleep around 11:30 - was woke up around 3am by the same group - still out in the hall.
I just don't get it!!!! They had no concern or thought for others!? I mean, I would NEVER sit out in a hall talking and laughing. I am always very paranoid to keep my kids quiet when we are in hotel hallways - no matter what time of day. I remember the days of me trying to get babies to nap/sleep in hotel rooms - and try to think of that as we pass through the halls.
Anyways - besides that we had a fabulous time! The kids were good (mostly) and the place was amazing. The perfect cold weather getaway. After we woke up, we played another 5 hours, changed and headed home.
After being together all this time - the drive home was not as peaceful as I had hoped it was. I guess they didn't enjoy the movie they were watching very much because they kept poking and touching each other. Yeah, I took the car, not the SUV - so they were all sitting right next to each other. Learned my lesson!
I was so ready to get home!
But when I got home there were bags to unpack, laundry to do. Kids to bathe. Housework waiting for me. I was just plain old GRUMPY!
As a result I was not nice to HWH.
As I went to sleep that night I was crying. Crying because I did not want to be grumpy. Crying because I felt like a terrible mom and wife for being grumpy. Guilty for feeling grumpy, for not being nice.
I try hard to be nice, positive, up and "on" all the time. Sometimes though I fall apart and what I term "the real me" pops through. I don't know - it's confusing. I don't think I'm nearly as nice as I act - but then again, I am. Being nice doesn't come as naturally to me as I wish it did. If it was easier I'd be way nicer. Though, I think - if you asked most people they would say that I am a nice person.
Anyways - enough rambling. About noon the day after we got back, I was back to normal me. In the groove and doing my thing.


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Looks like you had a great time (minus the hallway party!- ugh). I can so relate to how you were feeling after your trip. Just the other day I was telling Doug that I feel like I have to be "on" 24/7 and sometimes I just need a break....and that is NOT just going to the grocery store alone for an hour. The only time I am by myself all day is driving to and from work (which is stressful with traffic) and when I am sleeping. After awhile, it get overwhelming.

Liz said...

I see you went to GWL. Are you from Northern Michigan?

Brandie said...

We LOVE great wolf! Glad you had a good time there =)
Sorry things were rough when you got home. I don't feel naturally nice and tend to be naturally grumpy. But hey, if we asked people and they would say you are a nice person - that says a lot to me and maybe you are just being too hard on yourself?

Anonymous said...

What fun!! I would even like this place!!

Shawna said...

I can't believe that's all indoors! How fun for the kids. You ARE a super mom!!

I have those break downs, too. My husband would say my way-too-nice-to-others personality isn't the real me. I am grumpy and critical to him...even today. That is something I have to take to God often!