Monday, March 03, 2008


Because books are too precious to only be read once . . . . .
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This month, the drawing is for The Hidden by Kathryn Mackel. Book Description: When out riding, Dr. Susan Rose is thrown by her horse and tumbles into a crevasse---where she discovers a young man chained in the darkness. But he has no memory of how he got there! As Susan tries to discover the cause of his amnesia, dark possibilities emerge. Could he be a fallen demon? 320 pages, softcover from WestBow.Shawna at Scamp's Place passed this book on to me. She loved it! Leave a comment and you'll be entered! My hope is that after you read the book, you will PASS IT ON! The winner will be drawn on March 3rd.


Anonymous said...

I would love to try and win a new read by a new author!! Thanks for the pass along!

mitzi said...

I love to read and this book has peaked my interest. Please enter my name. Mitzi White my email is

This is the first time I've visted your blog. I was referred by Miss Paula on her blog. She is my Wednesday night Bible leader.

God bless

Alida said...

why are the dates on your blog so far ahead? Are you time-traveling into the future?

Here in my world, it's Feb 13th. I'm quite confused!

I did love your Valentines post and I hope the kids are feeling better.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend...or will be having one soon?

Angi said...

Very observant! I use my dates to keep the entry I want at the top of my blog. The drawing for the book is 3/3, so I date the blog entry 3/3 to keep it at the top till then. My Valentine's post was something I added to everyday until 2/14, so I dated it 2/14.

Anonymous said...

Getting closer!!! Aloha from Kauai!