Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What is He tryting to teach me?

About a month ago in this post I told you how I have messed up the last two "Crock Pot Stew" (as my kids call it). Well, the third time's a charm right?
Well, with most people - yes.
But, as with most nights that daughter and I have girl scouts - I started a "crock pot stew" before going to work. This time, I triple checked to make sure I had plugged it in and turned it on. When I left, the pot was warm - all was good. BUT, I must have pulled on the pot during one of my checks, because when HWH arrived home that night, expecting to smell the glorious aroma of my $20 pot roast and veggies, again, he was disappointed. The plug was halfway out of the socket, and so the two boys ate frozen waffles for dinner, and HWH and I ate spaghetti at about 9:45, after I got home and whipped it up.
This morning when eldest child was eating breakfast he made the comment "Mom, I think God's sending you a message not to make crock pot stew anymore."
My reply "Well He certainly is trying to teach me something. Not sure that it's to not make it anymore, I'll have to think about that".
So, what is it? What is the "lesson"? I thought on my drive to work.
To slow down? To get up earlier? To quit being a girl scout leader? To let HWH make their dinner? To not make crock-pot stew ever again?
I'm so confused . . . . . .


Shawna said...

Oh no! Not again!!

trish said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment! Just thought I would tell you the Black Bean and Corn Salad was YUMMY!! DD ate what was left (not much btw!) with blue corn tortilla chips for a snack today and said it was even better today!

Now I need to go check out your teen lit blog!