Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Third King

Eldest (when he was 4 yr. old): Mom, what's the name of the 3rd king?
Me: The 3rd king?
Eldest: Yeah, you know, the 3rd king?
Me: Hum, well, what is the name of the first two kings?
Eldest: You know, the kings of oil and tar.
Me: (Driving, and about to die trying not to laugh!) Oh, "We 3 kings of orient are . . . ."
Eldest: Yeah, the 3 kings - one oil the other tar, what's the 3rd?
Me: Honey it's saying "We 3 kings of or-e-ent - kings of orient means, well, it means, well, it means they are from far away. It never really says where any of them are from, just from far away." (Um, yeah - that made a lot of sense, I'm sure he understands now!)
Eldest: Oh, I thought it was oil and tar. . . . .


Kathleen Marie said...

That was so cute! I didn't get in the Nice to Meet you but I am happy we have met. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

That is a treasure!! Keep that for him!!

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS! Thanks for making me smile!

Shawna said...

So funny!!