Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Movies Anyone?

Over at Lille Punkin' Reviews there is a contest sponsored by Cute Kid, for movie tickets! Check out her website to win!

What is the last movie you saw? In a theater - well I'm not going to tell you. I let my friend pick it and it was just horrible - ok, you drug it out of me - Waitress. Please, don't waste your time. The last one I saw on DVD was Mrs. Potter and I enjoyed it very much. A friend has asked me to go with her this weekend to see Hairspray - not sure it's something I'll like, but I will humor her and go. I'm looking forward to going to see No Reservations - it looks like a fun Chick-Flic!

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Andie said...

The last movie hubby and I saw was the newest Pirates of the Carribean. Pretty good...but L-O-N-G! Skip the monster sized soda or you'll miss half the movie in the bathroom! :-) Thanks for entering my contest!