Thursday, July 12, 2007

A great giveaway!

Over at Overwhelmed With Joy there is a Pay It Forward Book Giveaway very similar to my "Pass It On" giveaway. Check it out!

Also, over at Lorie's Stitch In Time Blog she is "Passing On" "Uncharted" by Angela Hunt - enter soon!

I LOVE free books! I enter to win as many as I can find, and I tell you, 4 of the last 10 books I've read were given to me from contests on the internet! It has opened me up to read authors I would not have ever read on my own. In most cases I have searched out more of their books either at the library or book store to read.

Enjoy your reading this summer! Right now - I'm reading for my Book Club (they pick heavier - non-fluff, non-chicklit - serious books) Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" have you read it? Your thoughts?


Overwhelmed! said...

Thanks for entering my Pay It Forward Book Exchange! I’ll throw your name in the hat for the “Lucky” book that I’m giving away..

Check back on Saturday morning when I’ll draw and announce the winner!

Lorie said...

Thanks for entering my Uncharted givaway!