Friday, May 25, 2007

A Praying Life

Was listening to a CD today "Power Praying" by Jennifer Kennedy Dean she says this:

The enemy wants you to think God is grading you on prayer and you are just barely passing.

He wants you to feel discouraged and guilty so that you then find 100 other “religious” things to do so that you don’t have to do the thing you feel such a failure at.

Prayer is not a group of words you sandwich between “Dear God” and "Amen". Prayer is not an activity in which you engage with a stop and end, that the "religious" do for 1 hour and the "not so religious" for 10 minutes. You don’t have a “prayer life” – like you may say you have a "home life", "work life", etc.

You have a praying life. A praying life is not me going to get His attention to impress upon Him what is on my heart. It is God coming to me to impress upon me what is on His heart. He instigates it. The living Jesus is praying in me, reproducing in me His very own heart, His very own desires.

I'm telling you - this "Live a Praying Life" Bible Study just keeps getting better and better. I'm going to have to do it several times to get it to all sink in though!

Off to the Boy's East Coast Volleyball Championship in Richmond, VA this weekend. Eldest is big into playing Boy's volleyball - which is tough in North Carolina - because there is very little boy's volleyball going on there. But we've found a great club and he gets to play and travel to tournaments.

Check out Shannon's blog if you want some food for thought/controversy.

Have a safe weekend!

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