Thursday, February 22, 2007


I am generally a happy, optomistic person. I don't stress too much over anything (though I think there are many things in my life I could stress oer). I know God is in control and that helps me not to worry. However, I do get in periods in my life - when I like to throw myself a pity-party. Which is soooo silly - because really my life is just soooo good, almost perfect.
Right now, I'm down because I'm still adjusting to the new church we are attending. I need to focus on my relationship with Jesus, and things will fall in place. It's just soooo easy to know - and my undisciplined self has trouble MAKING myself do things. (Hence why my diet is not going too well either.)
Ok, I got the complaining out of my sytem. Hopefully, now I can move on and Do what I know needs to be done.
I don't wanna be sad, I don't wanna be bored, I don't wanna weigh what I weigh. boo-hoo me.

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